Hello Hello, I'm Rocket. 

I wanted to say that I will no longer be using this journal to post. Or rather at all but it will still remail active. I do comment on posts once in a blue moon (yes, maybe twice a month) or whenever I get on here. I just decided that I'd rather have an all me journal. In other words, only for my eyes. I'm working on doing a 180 in my life and I don't need people in my business, especially total strangers on the internet. No offense. 

I will NOT be posting a link to my new journal on here for those reasons so please do not ask. All entries of this journal will be copied and than posted in my new journal and than the ones here will be made private (for my eyes only).

If you would like to talk to me/get to know me please add my public facebook here:

Because I don't read messages on here! :)

Thanks again!


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